LOVE… Oh, what is this beautiful state that I hope everyone knows. Due to the fact that this topic has been known to us for generations, I will not explain what it is, where it came from, etc. I would like to focus more on facts that are little known, that we do not even notice or that we have not heard about.

People are always hungry for trivia, so did you know that some mothers give their daughter the name Love. On the one hand, it is quite an unusual name by Polish standards, but just imagine how beautiful it is to call someone a feeling. A person with such a remarkable name is distinguished by vitality and strength. It creates the influence of the past on the fate that is currently shaped, the current action and its consequences for the future, and is inextricably linked with the reincarnation of the soul and the cycle of incarnations.

If we say this word, I assume that it is related to something nice, pleasant, constant, but who would have thought that we distinguish different types of it and not everyone is cheerful. The first is agape love. It has pure, unconditional affection because it is the highest form of love. Most often it is divine love for people. Storge love. The most valuable of all, the strong emotional bond between mother and child. Philia (platonic) love. Perfect, not lined with undertones or sensuality. Selfless, faithful and loyal. We bestow it on our closest friends. Eros love. Based on desires. Nowadays, it is a type of love that starts out violently and hot, but ends very quickly. Romantic love. It combines great and wonderful relations of the heart that take those in love away from reality. It is a very deep and beautiful feeling, as long as it is reciprocated. Pragma love. The perfect combination of practical and realistic love in which the relationship is based on mutual interests and benefits. At the same time, it is the most mature one. Ludus love. The so-called infatuation, in which butterflies appear in the stomach, or a faster heartbeat at the sight of a loved one. Love mania. Most hated, because it is followed by obsession leading to jealousy, anger and even madness. Obsessive love does not bring joy, but rather has a destructive effect on the loving person and the relationship itself.

Let’s move on to a few tips. Research has shown that we only need 4 minutes to find out if we like someone, so here’s a little bit of advice. At your first meeting, pay close attention to body language, as well as the tone and speed of voice, and you might fall in love. The funnier fact is that being in love has an effect similar to cocaine (don’t try it just to check it). Research has shown that both experiences affect the brain similarly and evoke a similar feeling of euphoria. We’ve known for a long time that hugging releases natural painkillers. Therefore, let’s hug as much as possible, but not only when something hurts us. Looking at a loved one also makes us soothe the pain, so another little piece of advice, let’s try to have a picture of our loved one in our wallet, maybe it will bring us even more happiness.

Autor: Patrycja Przybyła
Zdjęcie: Mateusz Mika